88rising, who recently celebrated 1M plus subscribers on YouTube (in under two years of establishment), has been revered from the likes of CNN for progressing Asian culture and stories into new dimensions. “Clearly filling a void, which is a pan-Asian, East-meets-West,” (Forbes) 88rising is best known as the team behind Internet-breaking sensations, including Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, Joji and Keith Ape, and cultural brilliance like “Rappers React” and “Karaoke Royale.” 88rising has also made some of the most ambitious, and sometimes unconventional, collaborations possible, such as Chinese world star Kris Wu’s single, “Deserve,” featuring Travis Scott; Rich Chigga’s single, “Gospel,” featuring Keith Ape and XXXTentacion; and Keith Ape’s single, “Achoo,” featuring Ski Mask The Slump God. As quoted in Pitchfork’s insider profile of 88rising, Miyashiro said, “Our general ethos is that we want to push this s--- forward. It’s not like, ‘Hey, we’re trying to change people’s perceptions of Asians.’ We’re just doing it by being alive.”

"Bringing the coolest aspects of Asian culture to the masses." Forbes