Higher Brothers

The first Chinese rap act to make it past “the Great Firewall of China” and pop-off globally, Higher Brothers is MaSiWei, Psy.P, DZ and Melo. Hailing from the southwestern city of Chengdu in mainland China, Higher Brothers is the culture, like Migos in America or Skepta in the UK: their permissive, flashy lifestyle withstands China’s conservative, communist society. Overcoming the Chinese government’s incessant censorship of the Internet, where every major website, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Soundcloud is banned,  Higher Brother’s influence, both socially and musically, was recognized by Pigeons & Planes as one of the driving forces spreading rap music around the world. And as further detailed by The Huffington Post and The New York Times, Higher Brothers’ ability to translate the vibrant youth culture of their city into a much larger movement for free expression is an inspirational talking point.

"If all politics are local, Higher Brothers are proof that the trap has gone worldwide." NPR