The new face of DMV-based hip-hop, Jay IDK, the second half short for ‘ignorantly delivering knowledge,’ is reinventing trap music. Named the “Best New Artist of 2015” by DJ Booth, a “unique talent” by Sonicbids, and “one of the best options to drive hip-hop back into a new golden era” by XXL, Jay IDK intends to make a profound social impact with his music.

After experiencing criminal justice hardships from 2009-2012, IDK found a passion and career through hip-hop music. Influenced by the entire spectrum of hip-hop artistry, Jay IDK blends traditional “ignorant” trap music with more lyrically dense hip-hop to create a new genre called subtrap, which stands for “suburban trap” as well as “trap music with substance.” Jay IDK’s sophomore album SubTrap, deemed IDK’s “magnum opus” by XXL, is the product of IDK’s new subtrap genre and has garnered IDK success through its use of multiple alter-egos to tell a comprehensive story based on IDK’s upbringing.

Jay IDK can be found either in the studio or on tour; he is rarely seen not working. Whether working on a new album, performing at SXSW, touring with Freddie Gibbs, opening for Future, or doing radio interviews and freestyles with Shade 45 and Hot 97, Jay IDK is constantly working. He has described his work ethic as “inhuman” and “unhealthy”, but he claims that it is, “what sets me apart.” Jay IDK has plans of soon becoming a household name, and his millions of Soundcloud plays show that he is becoming one of the new big faces of hip-hop. On becoming a superstar, Jay IDK said, “That’s one of my ultimate goals.”


"Jay IDK is not only thematically innovative, but also musically superb." Forbes