Complex: ZHU ‘Ringo’s Desert Pt. 1’

via Complex
words by Edwin Ortiz

ZHU has made a brand out of maneuvering in secrecy, and more importantly has backed up the air of mystery with quality music that fans immediately gravitate toward. That trend continues with his new project, Ringo’s Desert Pt. 1, which serves as a seven-course meal of what the talented electronic artist has been cooking up as of late.

ZHU teased its release with a screenshot of an email conversation with David Dann, founder and CEO of Mind of a Genius:

There are different flavors to experience on Ringo’s Desert Pt. 1, but if I had to pick out the early standouts I’d lean toward “Burn Babylon” and “Save Me.” The former track will turn up the heat on the dance floor, while “Save Me” provides a perfect balance of bass and finesse to get you in the groove.

Stream the the full project below, which, as you may have gleaned, takes its inspiration from the desert. You can check out ZHU’s upcoming Dune Tour schedule here.