Lyrical Lemonade: Higher Brothers “Trickery” (Official Video)

via Lyrical Lemonade
words by Seamus Fay

Hailing from China, the Higher Brothers are setting the world on fire right now with their unique style and intoxicating rhymes. At this point, every new release from the group seems to take their incredible wave of energy into a new direction, and with the Higher Brothers’ latest offering, “Trickery” (via 88rising), they decide to take a smooth-bassline and groovy melody to showcase yet another new style for fans to latch onto. This single may not sound like the trap anthems that we have received from the Chinese superstars in the past, but by following its dance-infused sound and unapologetically gifting fans with an anthem for any function, I’d say that this is yet another hit to add to the collection. As if this wasn’t already enough proof that the Higher Brothers are unstoppable, it is also notable that the group just sold-out their first ever United States tour run. With that being said, check out “Trickery” below and get hip to China’s newest stars.