Pigeons & Planes: Rich Brian “Watch Out!” (Official Video)

via Pigeons & Planes
words by Joe Price

Rich Brian only just gave us his debut project, Amen, in February, but he’s already back with new music. His career has been crazy so far, and he’s showing absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Today he’s shared the chaotic video for his new self-produced song “Watch Out!,” proving that he’s still got a lot more on the way for fans this year.

The manic production of “Watch Out!” pushes Brian to rap relentlessly, mimicking an alarm going off that you won’t ever want to put on snooze. It’s full of the type of energy that Amen was full of, albeit put through an almost demonic portal that’s warped his sound even further. The video is just as crazy, too, with a number of inspired shots that include Brian riding a horse, hanging upside down, and attending a very interesting funeral.

Fellow 88rising artist Joji makes an appearance in the video, too, showing up in a classroom of all places just causing a scene. To learn more about Rich Brian, make sure to check out The Book of Brian below.