Red Bull Radio: Jimi Tents Peak Time Interview

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PEAK TIME: Jimi Tents

Budding Brooklyn rapper on confronting the world and coming of age on the rough streets of East New York. At just 21 years old, the young rapper out of the Brooklyn neighborhood of East New York has quietly set himself apart from the rest of the Big Apple’s hip-hop scene. On his new full-length I Can’t Go Home , Jimi Tents picks up where he left off on his lauded 2015 debut 5 O’Clock Shadow, exhibiting a flexibility that resists being rooted in any one style, sound and region and more in Tents’ own multifaceted talent and eclectic tastes.

1:20 Rest in peace, Kelan Phil Cohran. Revisit his legacy with this NPR interview from when he released 2012’s Kelan Philip Cohran and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, the first collaboration with his eight sons.

15:30 Here’s Marke Bieschke’s RBMA Daily article about gay Mardi Gras balls, complete with incredible archival photos.

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1:05:00 Take a listen to East New York rapper Jimi Tents’ new LP, I Can’t Go Home, over at SoundCloud.

1:17:16 Here’s that Billboard article Jimi Tents is referring to: the premiere of his 2015 track “Elmer Fudd.”

1:25:00 Check out some photos from NYC’s VAMP Cave Studios, where Jimi Tents recorded his album I Can’t Go Home.

1:45:00 Dig into this Genius article about all the beefs in New York City’s hip-hop community in the ’90s.